Pasta with bacon and ham

For app. 4 persons
All amounts are approximate, an should be varied according to personal taste etc.

200 g of bacon in squares
300 g of ham
2,5 dl Mornay sauce
250 g pasta
Torn cheese, app. 100 g

Cut the bacon to squares, and fry them on a hot pan. Normally you won't need oil, the dripping from the bacon should be sufficient.
Cut the ham to pieces, if it not already is.
Cook the pasta according to the recipe on the bag (often app. 7 minutes). Pour the water from the pasta, and place it in the bottom of a fire-resistant dish, app. 12x16 inches. Then distribute the bacon and the ham evenly upon the pasta.
Pour the Mornay sauce evenly all over. You might apply some cream, e.g. 0.1 liter. This is not necessary, but it is surely enriching the taste!
Spead the torn cheese all over.
Put some tin foil over the dish, and place it in a hot oven at 190 °C. After app. 10 minutes, when it is well heated, remove the tin foil. Let it remain in the oven for 5-10 minutes more, until the cheese has become light brown.

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