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My vintage BSA

Genealogy - an exiting hobby that takes you widely around in the secrets of the past. Do you know the names of your 8 grand grand parents? And of your 16 3xgrand parents?

The Danish Language - and others. See the collection of abbreviations mainly from the energy world and EEC world and listen to the talk boobs from Danish radio and TV (in Danish, of course) and from the Danish Parliament, Folketinget.
Hereunder some examples of paradoxes in Danish (sorry for not translating):

Astronomy is also a very exiting hobby. I have special interest (you might cal me weird) in moon and solar eclipses. See for instance my first total solar eclipse, in France 1999. See also an impressing solar eclipse on Jupiter, coused by one of its large moons, Io. Besides you can get information about eclipses through thousands of years back and forth by Fred Espenak, NASA.

Who is not fond of good food recipes? Well, at least we are. We have collected a few very good recipes which we have tried with succes. It is either recipes from the sources mentioned or self-composed - or maybe from various sources we don't remember.