Stuffed pork schnitzel

For 4 persons.
Use 4 pork schnitzels, each of app. 150 g

Ingredients for stuffing:
- 6 cherry tomatoes
- 50 g spice marinated garlic
- 4 slices of mild cheese
- Chives

Cut a deep pocket into each piece of meat. Cut the marinated garlic to small pieces and slice the tomatoes. Place the garlic and the tomato slices in the pockets, and place the cheese upon or around the stuffing. Finally cut the chives upon it all. Close the pockets with meat needles. Dip the schnitzels into milk and then into breadcrumbs, supply with salt and pepper (it is important that it is breadcrumbed, to avoid leaking of the stuffing during the frying).

Fry them on the pan for app. 10 min. on each side (they have to be well-done).

Serve them with potatoe boats and perhaps green sallad.

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