Marinated pork tenderloin

This recipe is not our own invention, but it is good!
It is originally taken from a weekly - I don't remember which one, why I can't give it the appropriate credit. The amounts in the recipe - and to some extent also the type of spices - has yet been somewhat modified by us.

Suitable for 4-6 persons:
First prepare a marinade for 2 tenderloins:

- 1 dl of chinese soy
- 1 dl oil
- 1-2 squeezed garlic
- Coarse peppar
- 1 dash of Tabasco

During the marination, the meat should be reasonably covered by the marinade. To achieve this, you might supply som white wine (or water, if it is supposed to be a bit more dull).
Place the 2 tenderloins in the marinade for 6-8 hours or more. You might let it be overnight, but in that case it should be in the fridge.
(OBS! On the picture you see only one tenderloin. But that is very suitable for 2 persons!)
Shortly before they are to be served, place them in the hot oven for app. 15 minutes at 225°C. Hereafter they should be left for app. 5 minutes. But of course don't allow them to become cold.
Cut the meat in app. 1 inch slices before being served.
Serve them for instance with new potatoes or potato boats. As shown on the photo you also might serve some greek tzatziki as accompaniments.
You also are requested to try this utmost delicious green sauce.

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