Feta Saganaki

An exiting first course, mostly for cheese lovers.
We have tasted Feta Saganaki of various kinds in Greece. We have seen several and different recipes, but this is a description of just how we have chosen to prepare it.

- Feta cheese in blocks or slices - preferable goat feta (my opinion)
- Sundried tomatoes in spicy oil
- A bit of chopped onions
- A tuft of parsley.

First cut the feta in slices of app. 1 cm thickness each. Place a slice on a piece of tin foil (I would recommend a piece of baking paper underneath, just to avoid the cheese for sticking to the tin foil). Supply with the sundried tomatoes (you could use fresh tomatoes in stead, if you prefer), the chopped onions and the parsley. Next fold the tin foil around the cheese, and place it the oven at 200 °C for 5-10 minutes.
Serve it with flûtes.
On the picture you see a special variant, one piece of feta and half a piece of goat cheese roll.

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