The Danish language - and a bit more

Yes, Danish is nice, soft bread - but also a difficult language! To foreigners I am probably an expert (maybe not to Danes!).
However I have gathered a lot of funny statements from Danish papers, advertisements etc. They are, however, not to be translated, and would be funny only in Danish language. The last thing I want to do is to disappoint or exclude foreigners - but here you will have to do with the Danish edition.
You may, however, be able to take advantage of my collection of abbreviations (yes, I am in fact gathering abbreviations, even though you may find it odd). The world famous (in Denmark at least) writer Gustav Wied once wrote a novell called "Livsens Ondskab" (The Evilness of Life), where a figure - a surveyor of customs called Knagsted - was collecting kommas.
I am not that advanced. But I do collect abbreviations. And there certainly are many of these, not least in the energy sector within the EU, from where I have collected quite a lot. They might show to be useful now and then. Or ridiculous?

Abbreviations: Press

Talk boobs as sound files Hear them LIVE!(in Danish)

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